Columbus Dispatch has lost a Midwestern Heart

It is sad to see how the lemmings from the press have lost the ability to think independently. Today the Columbus Dispatch joined about 200 other papers to publicly scold our President because of his attacking the liberal media for their distortion of his Presidency.

I can almost visualize the scene…..

Having lost all objectivity and independent thought, newspaper staff are sitting around a large table – boxes of tissues, half empty, with the used ones cluttering the table top…..

“How did this happen to us? Now all we do is print stories from the AP.”

“I thought I was going to be a great journalist one day. But now I can only write about murder, bad news and anything negative about Trump.”

One sits with her head in her hands continually shaking her head and muttering,

“why can’t we share the good news all around us about Ohio? Central Ohio is doing great! I am so tired of all these nasty stories. President Trump is draining the swamp, unemployment is at an all time low and the economy is booming.”

The editor lifts his head and screams,

“We can’t have any Trump supporters here. Pack your stuff and get out.” She looks around the table to gauge everyone response, but heads stay buried.

The editor continues,

“Can you believe that? The next thing she would want to write about is that cake baker in Colorado that is getting attacked by the government again for his Christian ideals.”

As the staff leaves the room to prepare more AP stories for the next news distortion cycle, the editor is left wondering, “Did our worshipping of Obama cause the public to question our independent thought processes? Hmmm…..I wonder who really controls Gate House? Oh well, I keep getting my big checks.”

Washington Post’s Robinson full of self and racism

Mr. Robinson,

Your obviously distorted sense of being has really manifested itself in your editorial “less than human” which is full of speculation through the lenses of a Trump hater.  You leave out many relevant facts about children being separated from their adult law breakers that escorted these children across the border illegal.  These people broke the law, but you seem to want to ignore that reality.

Our President Trump is allowing the Border Patrol to enforce the immigration laws currently on the books.  Unfortunately, the action of “catch and release” as directed by President Obama is not consistent with the law.  This arbitrary action by President Obama’s administration has led to the current drama surrounding ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.  Had President Obama not been so pathetically weak, this problem wouldn’t be the fodder of left-leaning media now.

I wonder:  How many children were traumatized by sexual predators on their journey?  How many children were saved from sex trafficking?  How many children were left behind and abandon by the adults that escorted them illegally across the U.S. border?

Yes, there are two sides to this very difficult situation and unfortunate circumstances at our southern border.  But to not support our Border Patrol, to not support the rule of law, and to present such distorted, hateful reasoning is a disservice to all Americans.

Editorial manipulation clearly visible in Columbus Dispatch

How do “we the people” ever get a handle on truth and reality? The picture below is just the latest blatant example of how the press distorts some of the information it presents. It is subtle and very deceitful.

Why is there no story about the meeting taking place in the picture? However, does it matter? I don’t know if this attempt to not provide a balanced representation of President Trump’s administration to the readers was done by the Associate Press or the Columbus Dispatch. Biased? Editorial direction? Personal effort to distort?

Clearly, a story about the very positive White House meeting seems to be missing from our hometown paper.

The links below help complete the story.

The Joy of Long Time Friends

I find myself now surrounded with people that are retired or really close to entering this slower phase of life. Yes, retired!

I freely admit that merging my brain function into this new phase of life is not yet graceful. This struggle is one that was not expected, because I felt ready to rid myself of the daily grind – the fight, the push, the rules, the regs – that was taking a toll on my life outlook. But what I didn’t expect was the loneliness that comes when I realized that nearly everyone I worked with for over a decade would simply disappear. For them, I guess I was no longer relevant in their world. My only explanation is that people I thought were “friends” weren’t really friends at all, but simply business associates. So it is necessary to turn the page and move forward to what’s next.

Retired is a word that I couldn’t have imagined would be a part of my vocabulary just a few years ago. But it has arrived and it is surprising how the word and especially its related components seem to dominate the conversation.

We were invited to a celebration a couple of weeks ago with long time friends. We refer to our little group as the “usual suspects” and we have developed a great relationship and a mutual support system.

One of our group had just received her first Social Security check. I never imagined that a Social Security check would be reason for a celebration, but it was and a nice evening manifested. There was no excess alcohol involved, just a few beers, pizza and good conversation. But, oh my, the conversation was quite different – medicare, medicare supplements, donut hole, healthcare cost, federal exchange premiums and hearing aids – these are now the topics that dominate our shrinking world.

Life gains clarity with age and as another phase enters into the timeline of our lives. I learned again that the joy of long time friends has no comparison and is so much more important than the loss I feel by leaving the working world.

On Sunday we attended a retirement party (yes, there is that word again) in eastern Ohio and enjoyed a few hours with many long time friends. There is great fun in reliving events that occurred long ago with these folks, because these were important years for us all, as they determined who we would become and how we would live our life. I stood with two “long time” friends and I tried to share with them the importance of their friendship over the years. While we each took very different paths to arrive at this point in time, there are fundamentals of love, fairness and trust that holds true of real friends.

By the way, I don’t yet have old “long time” friends! Thank you God!

Rights and Needs

What is the purpose of government?

The Founders said (in the words of Thomas Jefferson) that the governments are instituted to guarantee our God-given rights. (Read the Bill of Rights)

The vast majority of government spending today (combining state and federal budgets) is not for these purposes — but rather to provide for our needs.

There is a fundamental difference between a government with the chief aim to protect our God-given rights compared to a government aimed principally at providing for the needs of the people.

But some would say that the needs of the people are actually rights and thus there is no distinction.

But what is the philosophical difference between rights and needs?

When rights come from our Creator, they are above the whims of man. They cannot be legitimately denied no matter what any current regime says.

Our freedoms protected in the Bill of Rights follows this theory. These are God-given rights. The Bill of Rights don’t create these rights—our rights are created by God and secured by the Constitution.

Needs are not found in our Constitution. It is not because food, clothing, housing, or medical care are unimportant. Needs are essential. They are not in our Constitution because in God’s order the family was instituted to satisfy these needs.

Government secures rights. Families meet needs.

Knowing those two sentences is the key difference between freedom and socialism.

How are everyone’s rights protected?

Governments punish wrong-doing and those that break the law.

Punishing evil is often directly related to protecting rights. Someone steals a car. The car owner has a God-given right to property. The thief has violated the moral law of God and the rights of the owner.

A free nation requires understanding the proper purposes of government. Protecting our rights and punishing evil are the principal purposes for a legitimate government. Needs are to be supplied by the work of the individual and the family.

When government becomes deeply involved in supplying needs, inevitably the protection of rights become secondary.

Government should secure rights and punish wrong-doing. Individuals and families should meet needs. Free people need to understand this, as it is the only philosophy consistent with true freedom.

(Abridged from Convention of States)

Politicians Demise has Begun

The election of Donald Trump announced the beginning of a new era in government.

The government of the United States of America is the largest, most complex, far-reaching business on the planet and therefore it is past time for the government to work like a business and to be led by accomplished business leaders and not self-serving politicians.

The very definition of politics has changed over the last 40 years, as we have witnessed the evolution of professional politicians into money-raising machines focused more on self-perseveration than serving the desires of their constituents.

Yes, every once in while, candor and red-blooded America seems to shine through and hope is restored in our republic. But generally the political landscape is simply yucky. Just ask Oprah!

When did modern day respect for the Presidency die?

While there have been many tawdry events reported involving political figures, none seems to have damaged the office more than the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. The televisions were fixated on the story, the interconnected lies, the scorned wife and most of all “I did not have sex….”. These ugly events showed the President with all his earthly weakness and I believe forever change the interaction between the media and the President.

Since then, politicians have learned to be weak and not take definitive positions on issues as to not upset any single contingent of voters. Prior to the onslaught of social media and opinionated talking heads, the workings of government (like making sausage) mostly happened behind a necessary respected layer of protection from judgmental, prying eyes.

The country was much less contentious – save the Vietnam thing. The fighting happened in Washington DC and didn’t really bleed into the general populous. But social media and ratings-oriented ‘news’ programming changed all that for the worse.

It seems like business principals, operational expertise and public reporting requirements could be easily incorporated into government dealings. Now, if we could only get the feathered-nest media to report fairly on all the great things happening in America because of President Trump’s leadership.

The Politics of “Chicken Little”

Every time I see Elizabeth Warren in front of a microphone I can only see this image. I can’t help it!

“The sky is falling, the sky is falling” is the primary message of the delusional Democrats that can somehow ignore the list of campaign-promised accomplishments and the positive energy of the American economy. The secondary message from Chicken Little is that our President is basically an evil person and that Americans must RESIST.

The Democratic party of tolerance and inclusion is turning into a political party that thrives on the predictions and speculations of gloom and future despair. They run screaming from a CNN podium to MSNBC podium about all the bad things that are going to happen without a shred of logic to support their distorted view of the world.

What are we supposed to RESIST?

The list below is a partial list of all the accomplishments of the Trump Administration. While I am sure there is disagreement regarding some of the initiatives, no one can say that things are not getting done and the economy is not dramatically improved for all Americans.

• Appointed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and more than 75 other constitutionally sound federal judges, 30 of which are serving.

• Reinstated an expanded Mexico City Policy blocking foreign aid from being used for abortions.

• Cracked down on illegal immigration and “sanctuary cities.” As Attorney General Jeff Sessions put it: “The lawlessness, the abdication of the duty to enforce our laws, and the catch and release policies of the past are over.”

• Issued an order killing two federal regulations for every new one. In actuality, 16 were cut for every new one in his first year, saving billions.

• Engineered a historic tax cut that will save money for more than 80 percent of American households.

• Withdrew the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement, ending the threat of U.S. governance by international bureaucrats.

• Reversed onerous Obama environmental rules that gave the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ham-handed authority to destroy the coal industry and abrogate landowners’ rights.

• Kick-started America’s energy sector by curtailing regulations, facilitating the Keystone XL Pipeline and opening up vast federal areas to oil and gas exploration.

• Presided over an economic and stock market boom, lowered unemployment and brought manufacturing jobs back to America from overseas.

• Rebuilt the nation’s military, destroyed ISIS and faced down North Korea’s “Rocket Man.”

• Issued an order enforcing First Amendment protections for religious liberty.

• Restored the freedom of military chaplains to espouse biblical morality, and essentially reversing Mr. Obama’s transgender military policy.

• Revoked the Education Department’s order that public schools allow gender-confused males access to girls’ restrooms and locker rooms.

• Cracked down on sex trafficking. President Trump signed a law allowing states to move against sex-ad Internet sites, and the Justice Department on April 6 seized and shut down, which carried ads for prostitution, including trafficked children.

• Overhauled the mismanaged Veterans Administration and giving veterans more health care choices.

• Imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship and revising Mr. Obama’s deals with communist Cuba.

• Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and repairing damage that Mr. Obama did to the U.S.-Israel relationship.

• Worked with Central American nations to crack down on MS-13 gangs.


If Chicken Little, Cocky-Locky (Schumer), Turkey-Lurky (Mad Max) and Ducky-Daddles (Pelosi) aren’t careful, they are going to be coaxed into the den of Foxy-Woxy where socialism waits to devour them all.