Anger and Hate never solved anything

There are many things we need in America, but this is about what none us need – RIGHT NOW! But trying to articulate things we don’t need from a positive life view has proven difficult, so don’t judge me too harshly for the effort if I slip into being a cynic.

We don’t need:

  • Nastiness
  • Occupation of ICE headquarters
  • Throwing chicken poop at restaurants
  • Fighting against economic growth
  • Lack of cooperation in Congress
  • People attacking government employees on the street
  • Anger between friends over policy matters
  • Media talking-heads inflaming events
  • Iran to pursue more terrorism
  • North Korea to screw up
  • Weak leaders in Congress
  • To pursue the Clinton email scandal
  • Worry about overturning Roe vs Wade
  • Anyone trying to block the Supreme Court nomination
  • Young Socialist causing problems
  • To undermine the President that would weaken our Republic
  • Republicans unwilling to find a solution to illegal immigration
  • Hate being posted on social media
  • A Godless society in America
  • No Labels to quick working hard
  • Any extreme political ideas leading the fight
  • Prolong the Russian collusion investigation
  • Perpetual fighting with no progress
  • Democrats blocking a path to citizenship for all illegal residents of America
  • Johnny Out-of-my-Depp, Keith Ellison or California Mad Max talking hate
  • To punch anyone at a rally
  • Schumer, Meadows or Jordan preventing progress on issues


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