Politicians Demise has Begun

The election of Donald Trump announced the beginning of a new era in government.

The government of the United States of America is the largest, most complex, far-reaching business on the planet and therefore it is past time for the government to work like a business and to be led by accomplished business leaders and not self-serving politicians.

The very definition of politics has changed over the last 40 years, as we have witnessed the evolution of professional politicians into money-raising machines focused more on self-perseveration than serving the desires of their constituents.

Yes, every once in while, candor and red-blooded America seems to shine through and hope is restored in our republic. But generally the political landscape is simply yucky. Just ask Oprah!

When did modern day respect for the Presidency die?

While there have been many tawdry events reported involving political figures, none seems to have damaged the office more than the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. The televisions were fixated on the story, the interconnected lies, the scorned wife and most of all “I did not have sex….”. These ugly events showed the President with all his earthly weakness and I believe forever change the interaction between the media and the President.

Since then, politicians have learned to be weak and not take definitive positions on issues as to not upset any single contingent of voters. Prior to the onslaught of social media and opinionated talking heads, the workings of government (like making sausage) mostly happened behind a necessary respected layer of protection from judgmental, prying eyes.

The country was much less contentious – save the Vietnam thing. The fighting happened in Washington DC and didn’t really bleed into the general populous. But social media and ratings-oriented ‘news’ programming changed all that for the worse.

It seems like business principals, operational expertise and public reporting requirements could be easily incorporated into government dealings. Now, if we could only get the feathered-nest media to report fairly on all the great things happening in America because of President Trump’s leadership.

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