Columbus Dispatch has lost a Midwestern Heart

It is sad to see how the lemmings from the press have lost the ability to think independently. Today the Columbus Dispatch joined about 200 other papers to publicly scold our President because of his attacking the liberal media for their distortion of his Presidency.

I can almost visualize the scene…..

Having lost all objectivity and independent thought, newspaper staff are sitting around a large table – boxes of tissues, half empty, with the used ones cluttering the table top…..

“How did this happen to us? Now all we do is print stories from the AP.”

“I thought I was going to be a great journalist one day. But now I can only write about murder, bad news and anything negative about Trump.”

One sits with her head in her hands continually shaking her head and muttering,

“why can’t we share the good news all around us about Ohio? Central Ohio is doing great! I am so tired of all these nasty stories. President Trump is draining the swamp, unemployment is at an all time low and the economy is booming.”

The editor lifts his head and screams,

“We can’t have any Trump supporters here. Pack your stuff and get out.” She looks around the table to gauge everyone response, but heads stay buried.

The editor continues,

“Can you believe that? The next thing she would want to write about is that cake baker in Colorado that is getting attacked by the government again for his Christian ideals.”

As the staff leaves the room to prepare more AP stories for the next news distortion cycle, the editor is left wondering, “Did our worshipping of Obama cause the public to question our independent thought processes? Hmmm…..I wonder who really controls Gate House? Oh well, I keep getting my big checks.”

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